Thursday, January 18, 2018

New Debut Albums From The Naked Sun, The Surabhi Ensemble And Whiskey Wolves Of The West

Americana/folk-rock band The Naked Sun are starting the new year off with their full-length debut album "War With Shadows." After releasing only two EPs in the last five years, now was the perfect time to re-introduce The Naked Sun to the world of roots music. Their new 10-song release begins with the six-minute addictive, radio-friendly build-up of "Do You Wanna Dance?" as you will easily find yourself lost in their sound. The album's first single "Holdin' Back The Heart" is a more up-beat, rocking tune, and it is the first song the band ever wrote together back in 2010. The Naked Sun draw upon their inspirations for the wonderful melody of "Rose Gold" and the acoustic strumming, story of "War With Shadows." They finish up their new album with the alternative rock sounds of "Purple Sunset" and the beautiful, lush Americana sounds of "Clouds." To find out more about The Naked Sun and their latest release "War With Shadows," please visit

From Chicago comes the sophisticated musical smoothie of Surabhi Ensemble and their latest self-titled release. The Indian-based music, meshes together a Latin flair with rock and blues to give the Middle-Eastern sound a more mainstream appeal. Their new 7-song release begins with the up-tempo spirited swinging of "Swan Song" and psychedelic rock of "Raga Blues." The album continues with the gentle, acoustic sway of "Hanoi Pho" and the rhythm-fueled "Kalbelia/Tera Tali," before finishing with the enlightenment of "In Search Of Serenity." To find out more about Surabhi Ensemble and their latest release, please visit their Facebook page at

From Nashville comes the debut album from the Americana/country duo Whiskey Wolves Of The West. It is due to be released on March 2nd through Rock Ridge Music and features 7-tracks oozing with down-home, feel-good music that will only have you wanting more from this band. Their album begins with the classic, country-rock feel of "Sounds Of The South" as the duo of Tim Jones and Leroy Powell just highlight each others strengths. They pick the energy up with the country-roots shuffle of "Lay That Needle Down" and "Rainy Day Lovers" as you'd think this band has been around for years, producing hit singles on country radio. Whisky Wolves Of The West finish up their new album with the nostalgic twang of "Country Roots" and the acoustic, island flavor of "No. 1 (The Ballad Of Dallas Davidson.)" To find out more about this duo and their debut album, please visit

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

New Indie-Rock Music Arriving From The Outfit, Saint Tragedy And Burdens Within

The Chicago rock band, The Outfit will be releasing their debut album on February 2nd through Pavement Entertainment. It gathers together this group of club circuit veterans to produce nine, straight up addictive rock tunes for you to enjoy. The album begins with the steady pace of "The Wire" as The Outfit are out to give you a wake up call with their hook driven, guitar blazing melodies. Their new album continues with the up-tempo, Foo Fighters-type rocker "Lucky One" and the adrenaline-fueled, head-banger "Soldier Boy." The album's energy flows through "Just As One," all the way to the closing numbers "No Lights On" and "Hot Love." To find out more about the self-titled debut album from The Outfit, please visit

Next, from Wisconsin comes the latest release from the four-piece hard rock band Saint Tragedy. Their new album titled "Prolonging The Agony" features 6-tracks that showcases the band's evolving sound since their conception ten years ago. They begin with the raw, grunge-like appeal of "Make Believe" and the guitar driven buzz of "Ties That Bind." They should break-through into the mainstream with the hard rock ballad "Move On," then they finish up their new album with the aggressive, chugging rhythm of "Would I Lie" and a dark, acoustic version of  their most popular song "Jumpin' The Gun." To find out more about Saint Tragedy and their latest release "Prolonging The Agony," please visit their Facebook page at

Arriving on January 26th, is the self-titled debut release from Burdens Within. Built from the ashes of their former bands, bassist Ryan J. Kline and guitarist Mike Riley came together just by coincidence and created some exciting new music that draws heavily from their alternative and classic rock influences. Their new 11-song release begins with the raw, garage-rock buzz of "Bruised" and the slow-burning rock of the "Devil's Due." Burdens Within pick the energy up with the intensity of "The Great Deceiver" and then showcases the classic eighties hard rock fun of "Let's Party." They wraps up their latest release with the power ballad "Intensity," the chugging rhythm of "You Could Have Listened" and a cover of Buffalo Springfield's "For What Its Worth," infused with a bolt of hard rock energy. To find out more about Burdens Within and their latest self-titled release, please visit their Facebook page at

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

New Heavy Metal Music Arriving From Sacred Leather, Apostle Of Solitude And Old Mother Hell

Arriving in February is a trio of new releases on the Cruz Del Sur Music label. First up is the arrival of Sacred Leather and their full-length debut album "Ultimate Force." Right from the opening chords of the title-song, "Ultimate Force," you'd think you stepped back in time with the song's classic metal sound. They keep you locked in with the 1980's heavy metal scene, with songs like "Watcher" and "Power Thurst" as you are transported back to a simpler time in metal music. Their new album also contains two epic music numbers, the 8-minute power ballad "Dream Searcher" and the nine-plus minute album closer "The Lost Destructor/Priest Of The Undoer" as you can hear the band's influences throughout their new album. To find out more about Sacred Leather and their new release "Ultimate Force," please visit their Facebook page at

Next up is the latest release from the doom metal band Apostle Of Solitude. Their new album titled "From Gold To Ash" features 7-tracks that carry that dark heavy metal sound, filled with chugging guitar riffs and pounding drums. The album opens with the instrumental "Overlord" as you get introduced to the band's sound. They continue with the slow burn of "Ruination Be Thy Name" and the sonic buzz of "Keeping The Lighthouse," before reaching the epic, 10-minute progressive metal piece "My Heart Is Leaving Here." They wrap up their new album with the slow, steady pace of "Grey Farewell." To find out more about Apostle Of Solitude and their latest release "From Gold To Ash," please visit their Facebook page at

Last, but not least is the latest release from Old Mother Hell with their self-titled debut album. This German trio have already caught the attention of magazines and radio over in Europe and now look to invade the U.S. with their new 6-song album. They begin with the high-energy of "Another War" as their sound has a universal heavy metal sound that will simply draw you in with its power and intensity. The album continues with the heavy pounding rhythm of "Mountain" and the guitar driven chaos of "Narcotic Overthrow." Old Mother Hell wrap up their new release with the heavy metal anthem "Kneel To No God" and the nearly nine-minute, epic piece "Old Mother Hell." To find out more about Old Mother Hell and their self-titled debut album, please visit

Monday, January 15, 2018

New Metal Blade Records Releases From Visigoth, Harms Way And Good Tiger Arriving In February

Arriving in early February are a trio of new releases from Metal Blade Records artists Visigoth, Harms Way and Good Tiger. After releasing their debut album three years ago, Visigoth have kept the idea of NWOBHM (New Wave Of British Heavy Metal) alive with their tales of sword fights and dragons. Their new album, "Conqueror's Oath" features 8-tracks that place you back in the middle ages with the chanting chorus of "Steel And Silver" as you feel prepared for battle. They keep the power and intensity on high, telling the tales of the "Warrior Queen" and then speed things up with the thrash metal appeal of "Outlive Them All." Visigoth deliver the epic, 7-minute prog-rock piece "Traitor's Gate," before finishing up their new release with the chugging rhythm of "Blades In The Night" and the grand Viking metal feel of the title song "Conqueror's Oath." To find out more about Visigoth and their latest release "Conqueror's Oath," please visit their Facebook page at

New to Metal Blade Records is the band Harms Way, which will be releasing their first full-length album (fourth overall) on the label. The new album titled "Posthuman" features ten hard-hitting anthems that will surely get your adrenaline pumping. They begin with the sonic pounding of "Human Carrying Capacity" and the aggressive growls of "Last Man." Harms Way take a step back from their hardcore attack for the grunge-like experiment of "Temptation," before quickly returning to the raw, thrash metal assault of "Become A Machine." They wrap up their new album with the harsh, in-your-face vocals of "Unreality" and the deep, dark pounding rhythm of "Dead Space." To find out more about Harms Way and their latest release "Posthuman," please visit their Facebook page at

Finally we arrive at the sophomore release titled "We Will All Be Gone" from the alternative/hard rock band Good Tiger. Their new 10-song release  begins with the high-powered energy of "The Devil Thinks I'm Sinking" and the mainstream alt-rock appeal of "Float On." They venture into more pop territory with "Blueshift," before returning with the hard rock edge of "Salt Of The Earth." Good Tiger will certainly draw you in with the energetic mainstream sound of "Just Shy" and "Nineteen Grams," before closing their new album with the build-up of "I'll Finish That Book Later." To find out more about Good Tiger and their latest release "We Will All Be Gone," please visit their Facebook page at

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Omnivore Recordings Rolls Out "The Ru-Jac Records Story" Volume One And Two

Since Omnivore Records acquisition of the Ru-Jac Records catalog last year, the label only released a pair of "greatest hits" albums from Ru-Jac artists Winfield Parker and Gene & Eddie. Beginning in mid-January, Omnivore will double their output with volume 1 and 2 of the Ru-Jac Records story. On January 19th, arrives "Something Got A Hold On Me: The Ru-Jac Records Story, Volume One: 1963-1964" and "Get Right: The Ru-Jac Records Story, Volume Two: 1964-1966." Both discs contain over 20 songs by some of the label's most successful artists.

The first volume pairs together songs by artists like Jesse Crawford, Tiny Tim, Brenda Jones and The Jolly Jax. The disc is filled with 28 R&B classics as many tracks will transport you back to a simpler time in music when vocals were the main focus of songs like "Baby Please Don't Go," "When I'm Alone" and "Crying Won't Help You." This first volume sets that stage for the history of the Ru-Jac label as it covers the first two years of the label's existence with many great songs that will only leaving you wanting to explore the music further. A nice addition to the set is a 16-page booklet that contains a new essay by music historian Kevin Coombe that gives insight in the early history of the Ru-Jac label. To find out more about volume one of "The Ru-Jac Records Story," please visit

The story continues with volume 2, which covers the years 1964 to 1966. This 22-song set  introduces you to a whole new crop of artists that include Brenda Jones, the Butch Carroll Trio, Harold Holt and Bobby Sax & The House Keepers. The songs still carry that classic soul/R&B vibe as classics like "It Must Be Love," "Goose Pimples" and "Come On Over" will keep you in that nostalgic mood. Eight of the songs that appear on this disc have been previously unissued as they contain alternative takes and demo versions of songs that appear multiple times on this release. The set also includes a 16-page, full color booklet, which continues the story of Ru-Jac Records as told by music historian Kevin Coombe. To find out more about volume two of "The Ru-Jac Records Story," please visit